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Profex Vision

Leading company in skin and medical aesthetics field

A professional innovative specialty healthcare company

A world-class firm bringing maximum values to partners

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Profex Development

Leadership In Dermatology

2001 ─ 2013

Expanding To Other Therapeutic Areas And Categories

2013 ─ 2022

A World-class Firm Bringing Maximum Value To Partners

2023 ─

Profex & Me

Established in 2001 and headquartered in Shanghai, Profex is the first global specialty healthcare company focusing on skin health and medical aesthetics in mainland China. Profex has been continuously dedicated to scouting, licensing, acquiring, and marketing the world-leading skin care and dermatological products to serve Chinese customers and consumers. Profex has been developing long term strategic partnership with multinational companies, as an exclusive partner for China market's commercialization. Having successfully obtained dramatic and consistent growth and established a leadership position in dermatology and medical aesthetics field, Profex's portfolio extends to various therapeutic areas, covering orthopedics, CNS, pain management and wound healing. In terms of our corporate culture, we highly value and cherish our team members. We strive to build and retain a strong team by recognizing and rewarding excellence and creating development opportunities. Our business success has been attained through the effective teamwork done by our professional and talented colleagues. High-performing individuals are crucial as they provide a foundation for future success. Favorable compensation and upside sharing are generously offered to our colleagues. They are greatly encouraged to pursue self-improvement and achieve career development on our open channels. We commit to becoming a leading, innovative specialty company in skin care, medical aesthetics and specialty pharmaceutical industry. Bridging China and other countries' communication and collaboration in healthcare. Profex endeavors to make the world healthier & happier, each life, each day!